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Northern Cape
Northern Cape

Northern Cape as a tourist destination

Majestically reaching over 360 000 sq kilometres from the world-renowned Kalahari Desert to the arid plains of the Karoo, the Northern Cape, South Africa offers visitors a unique Southern Africa holiday experience.  With its open spaces, friendly people, rich history and unique cultural diversity, this land of the extreme, promises an extraordinary tourism destination.  Come and experience personally! The Northern Cape is a truly remarkable holiday destination. Explore the unique flavor of the province with its unique combination of ancient Africa with an overlay of confident democracy

Do not miss the opportunity to view night skies ablaze with a million stars at Sutherland, or at !Xaus Lodge, situated in the !Ae!Hai Kalahari World Heritage an international Dark Sky Sanctuary, one of only 10 such sanctuaries world -wide. Go hunting for fossils in the Karoo or searching for San rock art deep in the caves of the Diamond Fields, or experiencing the world’s richest floral offering in Namakwa, camping deep in the bush surrounded by wildlife and the famed black-maned lion of the Green Kalahari, or kyaking down the mighty Orange River, the Northern Cape is more than an adventure, it’s an enriching life experience.

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